Puretone Audiometry

Your hearing may have been checked at school or at the doctor’s office. When you heard the “beep,” you might recall putting on earbuds and raising your hand. Pure- tone testing is what this is. Because the sounds go via the outer and middle ear, it’s also known as air conduction testing. This test will assist you in determining the quietest sound you can hear at various pitches or frequencies. When you listen to music with earbuds, the sound only reaches one ear at a time. Earphones are not always possible to use. When a youngster refuses to wear them, for example. Sounds are played by speakers within a sound booth in certain circumstances. Sound-field screening is what it’s called. Both ears get the noises at the same time. This method of testing will not reveal if a hearing loss is present in only one ear.

A pure tone hearing test, as the name implies, employs pure tones to assess if a person can perceive all of the frequencies in the auditory spectrum. This sort of hearing test is classified as subjective and is performed with the use of an audiometer. The audiometer records the results in an audiogram, which shows whether your hearing is impacted by sound transmission in the middle ear or damage in the inner ear, allowing the specialist to choose the best course of action.

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